RacerX (Update 4)

(Historic Post: April 21th 2007)

For those following the RacerX project I’m just updating you on the progress that has not been achieved lately, I’ve been busy with those interviews.  I have started working on some networking in the project.  And I believe I have support for sending UDP packets safely.  (Sorry for those non-techies reading).  But it simply means I can send information faster and safer over the network.  The project already saw its first over the internet tests, and it seems it has worked; so the light is green for continuing the multiplayer support!  Woohoo!  Okay, hopefully I’ll be able to work on it tomorrow and Monday and get the multiplayer lobby going.  Basically this will allow each player to setup their car, the host will be able to choose a track, and the other players will click accept or ready when they are ready to race.  When all the players are ready to race the host will be able to click race.  (I am not allowing the project to go into a Racing mode yet), just chatting in the lobby for now.  I guess I will keep you updated later during “RacerX Update 5” so stay tuned.  Other plans for the near future of the project include: Adding the Car Shop, and ability to choose a track in the Race Setup.  (Choosing the track requires a little more work on the Level Editor).  Sorry, no screenshots at this time, nothing viewable has been changed : (

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