RacerX (Update 8)

(Historic Post: July 19th 2007)

A long time it has been since the beginning of this project, and I foresee a long time into the
development of the project.  I am starting to have some issues with the frame rate.  It is incredibly slow, and shouldn’t be.  I am in the process of re-organizing some of the code which is going to be another long boring tedious process that is going to drop my morale, actually it already has and I haven’t started yet.  Though when it is done the project should run at a better rate of speed.  I haven’t done much work on the actual project since the last time I wrote, because of procrastination, but hopefully soon I will get things working.  My main goal is to have the game in a playable state by mid August.

A playable state means you can choose tracks, the race setup menu is fully functional and the racing is functional – Laps are counted, Lap times are tracked, Checking Positions Work, and everything except for the weapons…  Currently those are still on hold.  But Quick-Race and Multiplayer races should be able to be played before the game is deemed playable.  I need to get new screenshots up as well since I walls and trees added to a track make the track more interesting.

Once the game is in a playable state, I am going to start working on the physics systems, which basically means working on the collisions.  So that when your car hits a tree it will go flying into the spinning frenzy…  And the other collisions that need to work to make the game more interesting…

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