Cracked! Post-mortem

May 9, 2012

LudumDare 23 was held April 20th-23rd.  This was the third event I’ve participated in, and was many firsts for me; First collaboration in an event situation, first time using flash/ActionScript and first time not needing to worry about creating the content.  The following is a post-mortem about the Ludum Dare version of Cracked!

What went wrong?

– We never setup source control until the event started.  This did not cause many issues, but was something that could and should have been ready to use.

– The simple tile editing tool created the week before did not work on joekinley’s computer- different flash versions have different security issues with when something can be copied to clipboard or saved to file.  This fought with us a few times during the weekend until we properly researched the issue.

– The editor saving issue caused us lose a bit of time, creating levels that could not be saved.  It also delayed the level creation process until pretty late in the game- and once we finally got there the game did not play as strategically as initially designed.  Multiple possible causes, but no time to to really fix.

What went right?

– Most of the project went very smooth.  joekinley and I were able to communicate effectively and completely avoid dead-locks (keep busy) while we dealt with time-zone issues and sleeping schedules.