Introducing TurtleBrains

For the past year I’ve been working on a game development framework that is meant to be used on multiple platforms, currently aimed at Windows and Mac OS X, however I have hopes that Linux will be added in the future and possibly even Android/iOS.

I’ve been writing in C++ and have got a solid portion started and working for Mac OS X and Windows, unfortunately little fill on the game development portion.  If you need to write a real-time application using OpenGL, popup dialog boxes, message boxes and other operating system controls – TurtleBrains is working great, which was part of what I desired with TurtleBrains for easy game development tool creation.

Going forward I’ll be working on the game development part of Turtle Brains, a State Machine, Input, Sprites, Entities, Tile System, Particles, etc.  I still have some things to figure out, such as choosing and applying a license, sharing the code, and keeping things consistent, clean and quality driven.  Hopefully this will become usable for making some of my games by about April 2015, or maybe earlier if I can really put some time into it.

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