Updating the blog

The blog is getting a makeover. Nothing will change visually, but the changes should provide more content. Instead of writing an entry now and again when something pops up, the blog will see new content each week, at least one post about what has been happening around here. It is too easy to leave this area of the internet to collect dust and cobwebs from those spiders, but my plan is to change that.

To help with make this change happen easier, more topics will be introduced. Instead of being 100% dedicated to game development, the blog will also contain a sprinkling of posts related to my other interests. Racing, Sim Racing, Camping, Hiking and Nature related posts will be scattered around from time to time. Each post will be tagged so you can filter out all other posts if you are interested only in the programming, or one of the other topics.

It is my goal to provide this blog with more content, although it will remain primarily be about game development.

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