#1HGJ Entry – Teamwork

June 13, 2015


Here is a game I made in a single hour for OneHourGameJam the theme, and thus title is: Teamwork

Teamwork (for Mac OS X)

Teamwork (for Windows)

Working on a game in an hour is a great way to learn the weaknesses about your development pipeline, be it in coding, art or audio.  The result is almost always a project that will get thrown away, seriously it took 60 minutes to make, but the experience is certain to teach you something and sharpen game development skills.

Things learned during this hour:

  • Although the template_entity helped a lot, I need to make use of the Entity Behavior System better.
  • Fixed a bug with the EntityManager, which is always a benefit.
  • I believe a TileSystem, and appropriate entity behaviors could make richer experiences.