mDevelopmentLog[5] = Grinding Gears

Hello Turtles,

Sara cat and Monky bird changed gears from the normal programming on TurtleBrains stuff into starting to move forward on ZoomCarWorld3. Initially some basic art practice in blender working on a small homemade go-kart before deciding the ZCW3 would start out as a drag-racing only game to simplify parts of the simulation.

To get things turning a drive train simulation will be the first focus, and thus time was spent making a mockup rig/frame with gears to spin and visualize the physics that will eventually be simulated.

This still didn’t quite satisfy Sara and Monky so I found some source online that listed the gear ratios of 1999 Mazda Miata, my tiny toy car.

  1. 3.136 (69:22 teeth)
  2. 1.888 (51:27 teeth)
  3. 1.333 (44:33 teeth)
  4. 1.000 (40:40 teeth)
  5. 0.814 (35:43 teeth)

The final ratio is 4.30. Now, I didn’t actually look for the radius of each gear, or the actual distance between the layman shaft and output shaft, but I choose some value that seemed right and with help from ReactorScram was able to get proper tooth counts (at least for the ratios required).

Finally, Moku has supplied finished art for the TurtleBrains beginner game tutorial; Golden Egg Drop and it looks fantastic!

That was a fair bit of art this week, with any luck next week will have a mix of art for drive train visuals and programming the physical simulation of the drive train. Until later, have a good one!

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