Indie Tavern: Round 1

In an attempt to be completely transparent with my Indie Adventure I will post information about the quest each month. This will also be discussed with Fletcher from Noctem Studios on the first Sunday of every month on the Indie Tavern livestream. As a low-level adventurer, I suspect loot and shopping sprees to be infrequent, but tracking this stuff is important for multiple reasons;

  • It makes one painfully aware of financial needs and impacts.
  • Important for taxes and other business reasons.
  • Staying on top of it is easier than falling way behind.
  • Having the data may prove useful to me and others.

With that said there may be sales or financial data going in and out that I can’t legally share. For instance I know some distribution platforms require that information to be secret. To avoid this becoming public I will aggregate some of the sales/income data. There may also be items I buy for the indie adventure that I want to keep secret, or must keep secret for some periods of time. For this there may be some Misc. Purchases.

Indie Adventure: June 2018

Income: $233.56

  • $200 Personal Investments
  • $2.07 Interest from Savings
  • $31.49 Adobe Systems, Inc (refund from Illustrator)

For the purpose of these reports income is defined as the money that has reached my hands, or more technically the adventure bank/paypal accounts.

Expenses: $31.49

  • $31.49 Adobe Systems, Inc (1mo Illustrator subscription)

This is straight forward, the loot I’ve spent hard earned gold on during the month.

Sales / Sources:

  • $16.00 for 2 sales of Archer
  • $41.88 from super supportive Twitch viewers

Important note here, Sales/Sources contains money that may, or may not, have reached the accounts via income. The actual values may be inflated from what actually gets pulled in, say from distribution platforms taking a cut, cuts for transferring money.

Tracked Hours:

  • Not tracked for June

Hours is a fairly rough account of how much time was spent on the adventure, this will include time on and off stream. For June I wasn’t actively tracking, and I need to get on track for July.

Adventure Totals:

+  $202.07 ($233.56 - $31.49)
= $1651.69

Future Quest:

During the month of July the indie adventure focus will be getting Rally of Rockets networking capable of multiplayer gameplay, the primary feature of my second indie game. This directly impacts the adventure by allowing play testing to occur weekly starting August, if all goes to plan. Another big plan / announcement is the sale of my first game, Archer. I’ve put the game on sale for 100% off, FREE! The goal is to get the game out in the eyes of more players and attempting to reach $100 to later put the game on steam. Grab your copy of Archer now, it is free- support me simply by sharing with anyone or any communities that may be interested.

The next Indie Tavern discussion will be on August 5th at 9am-10am ET; click here to follow the event on twitch.


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