Indie Tavern: Round 3

Indie Adventure: August 2018

Income: $435.62

  • $300 Personal Investments
  • $122.83 Twitch payout.
  • $2.76 Interest from Savings
  • $0.01 Interest from Checkings
  • $0.76 Donation from rardo
  • $9.26 Donation from CyanPhoton
For the purpose of these reports income is defined as the money that has reached my hands, or more technically the adventure bank/paypal accounts.

Expenses: $89.99

  • $60.00 to tsjost for automating Game Server setup.
  • $29.99 to Adobe Inc, for discounted yearly subscription.
This is straight forward, the loot I’ve spent hard earned gold on during the month.

Sales / Sources:

  • $9.00 for 2 sales of Archer
  • $38.33 from super supportive Twitch viewers
Important note here, Sales/Sources contains money that may, or may not, have reached the accounts via income. The actual values may be inflated from what actually gets pulled in, say from distribution platforms taking a cut, cuts for transferring money.

Tracked Hours:

  • 176.5 hours

Adventure Totals:

+  $345.65 ($435.64 - $89.99)
= $2546.75
Note: There is another discrepancy from July end to August start; caused by another change that made inaccurate data earlier on. This should be the last adjustment.

Future Quest:

The month of September, now half over, I must contact a lawyer and get the ball rolling to start my company, continue the development of Rally of Rockets, and begin a new venture with a Halloween project. There will also be a drastic increase in personal investments, causing September income to be an outlier of huge proportions.

Fletcher and I will be streaming Indie Tavern: Round 4 on October 7th, 9am to 10am ET. Go to the link and setup a reminder!



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