April 2019 Review

  • Total income: $563.31 without personal investments
  • Total income: $4608.41 with personal investments
  • Total expenses: $434.11
  • Total hours: 141.25

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What was learned

Use Modding to Validate Ideas

Trailing Brakes racing simulator was also in heavy planning and preproduction stages. The engine was getting prepped, a rough landing page was created and a racetrack got modeled in Blender. After shakesoda’s suggestions the racetrack was exported into Assetto Corsa to try driving it. There was a vague feeling that the track was too narrow but it was confirmed by driving it. Figuring this out early on reduces the costs of changes significantly.

Diving into MySQL

A few nights were spent playing with and learning the basics of MySQL and this lead me on to create an analytics events database to track download and first launched events among more to come in the future. This will allow further practice with MySQL to and show clearly if things are moving in the right directions. Support Tim Beaudet on Patreon for more detailed breakdowns and other rewards, or assist non-financially by sharing this post to others.

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