Hiking Mount Abraham

July 24, 2021


This adventure starts a bit differently as I have been challenging myself to push the envelope of my comfort bubble. The simplest things to other humans on this planet challenge me and make me extremely nervous, anxious and uncomfortable. Something as simple as a drive-thru fast food pickup, or a new store/location. Recent life events put a target on how I remain deep in my comfort bubble and frankly I am embarrassed about my past and am pushing to be a me I can be happy with in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Hiking Camels Hump

July 10, 2021


I posted about the trip on a slack server for Vermont techies listing the start time in case anyone wanted to join. I had to wake very early to make it to the trailhead on time, before the lot filled up too much. I left with plenty of time for the two hour drive, until I met up with traffic. About an hour into the trip a tractor was driving along the road, slowly. It had a long queue of cars behind so I’m not sure why it never pulled over, but eventually I made it around. Read the rest of this entry »