Steam Press Kit Turbo Boom (on Hold)

Turbo Boom! Gameplay Shot 1 Eggcelerate! Trailer Turbo Boom! Gameplay Shot 3

Go Rally Racing with Explosive Obstacles in this high-speed drifting game with more explosives than you've seen before. Destroy your friends times on the online leaderboards, and learn from ghosts of the professionals to improve your driving skills.

Prepare to be blown away!

Steam Press Kit Eggcelerate! to the Tropics (Shipped; March 2023)

A chopper motorcycle with a chicken bowl on top balancing an egg around statues. A moped with an egg in a bowl travelling through the jungle with a play button for trailer. An adventure motorcycles with a bowl carrying an egg through an ancient temple lined with fires.

Ride motorcycles and throw an egg over steep mountain passes. Navigate through deep caverns to discover ancient ruins and hidden secrets! Delivering Easter eggs on motorcycles is hard. Eggstremely Hard! You will drop an egg while you eggsplore multiple jungle routes.

Steam Press Kit Eggcelerate! to the North Pole (Shipped; March 2022)

A blue and white zamboni jumping through the air with an egg flying out of the bowl, before a banked icy turn. Red pickup with skis navigating a tight corner with play button for trailer. Beefy offroad vehicle with an easter basket on top sliding across a snowboard rail with Tyre Bytes billboard.

Deliver Easter eggs around the North Pole, drifting and sliding through snow banks without dropping an egg. This eggspansion brings a new set of time-trial challenges snowman can do. I see roads will freeze your tears while snowmen will bring out the laughter. Play again and again reacting to the slippery surfaces that make each attempt different than the last.

Steam Press Kit Eggcelerate! (Shipped; March 2021)

Eggcelerate! Gameplay Shot 1 Eggcelerate! Trailer Eggcelerate! Gameplay Shot 3

Eggcelerate! is a silly yet challenging time-trial racing game where you try over and over again to improve your time without dropping an egg. You will laugh, cry, rage and shout in joy while delivering eggs for Easter. Drive around crazy tracks, catch big air and avoid devious obstacles that get in your way. Play again and again to improve your time, beat the developer, and collect all the achievements along the way!

Go fast, and don't break an egg! Was released in early-access state May 2020 on itch.io, and initially prototyped during LudumDare 46.

Itch Rally of Rockets (Cancelled)

Rally of Rockets! Gameplay Shot 1 Eggcelerate! Trailer Rally of Rockets! Gameplay Shot 3

Hold onto a rocket while you race around and catch big air for massive tricks! There was an attempt to add multiplayer and then let it run inside your web browser!

More Game Jam Projects

Gameplay Shot of LudumDare 40: Hoverburner. Gameplay of LudumDare 39: eDrive. Gameplay Shot of LudumDare 47: Build a Bridge.

LudumDare, Alakajam or other Game Jam projects that are typically done in 48-72 hours. Some are with teams and others are solo.

Simulation (Double-wishbone Suspension System)
Visual effect only at the moment

Linked up each component of a double-wishbone suspension system to be simulated for Zoom Car World 3, or a future racing simulation project. Created the visuals and moving the tire based on spring length, as well as computing spring length based on tire position.

More AIRS (Artificial Intelligence in Racing Simulations)
Non-traditional AI research project using LiveForSpeed as base racing simulation.

This project is a brute-force learning playground to get an artificial driver racing in a simulated environment not using traditional methods. The driver gets the left/right edge of the track, and from their computes where the corners are and the best geometric racing line. The driver then uses a virtual controller and drives the car using a few sensors for information.

Tire Simulation (Point-mass Particle System)
Visual deformation effect only

In this project I setup a point-mass particle system connected together by various springs to create the carcass of the tire and allow it to deform visually.

More Turtle Brains
Cross-Platform C++ Game Development Framework

TurtleBrains is a great framework for quickly developing two-dimensional games and building simple applications, like game tools. It is written in C++ and uses OpenGL 3.2 core context for graphics and OpenAL for audio.

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