RacerX (Update 5)

May 13, 2007

(Historic Post: May 13th 2007)

Well been a long time since my last update, and there really isn’t much to show so there are no new screen shots, and the list of things that have been done since Update 4 is very small.  Well actually I have been doing a lot, its just nothing that you can directly see the change.  I have been working really hard on the networking side of things and have the ability for clients to connect to the server, and chat with one another.  (Techies: This was done by creating a safe layer over the UDP protocol and it seems to be working as planned once the minor bugs were fixed).  The majority of my progress was made with how the track stores the trees and objects, as well as each tile can be programmed separately now which was a time consuming process, but will result in more flexibility down the road.

I am putting the multiplayer work on hold until I can finish up the single player RaceSetup and Result screens.  For now I am focusing mostly on my level editor as it can still not place trees or walls.  When the level editor can handle that I will be hard at work on some artificial intelligence for some computer opponents.  That will require a lot of work that won’t be seen for a long time to come as well since I need to structure the track in a way that the AI Drivers can use it efficiently and smartly.  Still a lot of work but its been fun.