Hiking Mount Ellen

August 21, 2021


The hike started off like any other, one foot in front of the other. However I quickly had to turn around as I had left my hiking poles in the car and this being the longest of the hikes I was worried of the knee pains. Thankfully the problem was noticed quickly and along the trail I went. The trail wound through a farm of maple trees with tubes stretching miles, literally, to collect the sap.

The trail was well maintained and walked up a reasonable grade. It wasn’t flat, but also not a staircase. The maple trees turned into birch trees and eventually as elevation increased into evergreens. The Jerusalem Trail ended at a junction with The Long Trail which remained on the ridge line. This is where I saw the first hikers of the day, passing by the opposite direction, likely thru-hiking the long trail. Read the rest of this entry »

Hiking Killington Peak

August 7, 2021


Preparations began the night before, placing the rain jacket, snacks and other gear into the day pack. Batteries charged, camera ready and clothes set aside. I needed to do all of this the night before as the trailhead was two and a half hours away. I woke at 5am, and trudged down the stairs to the car, hopped in and began the journey.

In the car I ate breakfast and watched the sun rise along the side of the highway. A long while later I arrived at the trailhead. A couple of hikers just began their way down the path so I took my time getting ready, preferring to leave a little space. I extended my poles, tossed the pack on my back and walked around the car, ensuring the lights were off and the doors were locked. Read the rest of this entry »

Hiking Mount Abraham

July 24, 2021


This adventure starts a bit differently as I have been challenging myself to push the envelope of my comfort bubble. The simplest things to other humans on this planet challenge me and make me extremely nervous, anxious and uncomfortable. Something as simple as a drive-thru fast food pickup, or a new store/location. Recent life events put a target on how I remain deep in my comfort bubble and frankly I am embarrassed about my past and am pushing to be a me I can be happy with in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Hiking Camels Hump

July 10, 2021


I posted about the trip on a slack server for Vermont techies listing the start time in case anyone wanted to join. I had to wake very early to make it to the trailhead on time, before the lot filled up too much. I left with plenty of time for the two hour drive, until I met up with traffic. About an hour into the trip a tractor was driving along the road, slowly. It had a long queue of cars behind so I’m not sure why it never pulled over, but eventually I made it around. Read the rest of this entry »

Hiking Mount Mansfield

June 28, 2021


I woke early to drive over an hour to the trail head. The night before I had found there was a Renaissance Faire in the area which led me to swapping my plans from Mount Abraham, the smallest 4000 footer of Vermont, to Mount Mansfield the tallest! I didn’t really intend to go for the tallest first, but the 2.5 miles from trailhead to peak seemed reasonable.

I drove through Smuggler’s Notch, first time in my life, and that was really cool. It felt very short compared to other scenic routes, but the road went from two lanes to strange shared lane sometimes wide enough for two cars, and sometimes wide enough for just one. A few switchbacks with tight turns and a grand cliff looming above. Read the rest of this entry »

Hiking Mount Pisgah

June 27, 2021


One foot in front of the other. An act many people across the world do daily without even thinking about it. Today I took a walk in the woods along a path weaving through the trees, winding up a mountain. One step to a time.

This summer I plan to climb as many 4000 foot peaks in the north east as possible, there are 5 such summits in Vermont, 14 in Maine and 48 in New Hampshire. The New England 67. There are also 46ers of the Adirondacks in New York. This should keep my weekends busy for quite a while.

Today was meant to be the smallest peak in Vermont, about a 2 hour drive away. I was warned about the trailheads getting too full by 10am, and I didn’t wake up early enough to be confident I’d get to park. So plans changed. Instead I did a small loop that Dizzy and I took Indie on several times through the winter. We never visited this without snow and I wanted to see how it was. This was a 1 mile loop and had a few spots to look out into a bog. Not the prettiest of views, but nature is healing, I guess. Read the rest of this entry »

Alakajam 10: Post Mortem of Ship It!

September 29, 2020

In the middle of September, game developers all over the world put their lives on hold to build a game in 48 hours during the 10th Alakajam. I was among the many and aimed to test out the custom physics engine that I barely started a few weeks before the jam. It was going to be rough. It was going to throw punches. I was going to get beaten by my own creation! My game development journey is streamed live on twitch, and I was going to bring my best.

Friday Evening:

Other game developers have already been developing their projects for a few hours while I was still work-working away. I did have the chance to mull over theme ideas, but having played a lot of Fall Guys recently I figured an obstacle course “running” game would be a great test for the physics engine. The theme was not a single but choose one or more of three themes; Maps, Chaos and/or Ships. So my idea was simple; an obstacle course on the docks where the player boards a ship. Read the rest of this entry »

Eggcelerate! Jam Entry Post Mortem

April 25, 2020

LudumDare 46 Details


The theme of LudumDare was announced at 9:00pm Friday evening. Keep It Alive. I like sketching ideas on a scratchpad, but the bamboo tablet was fighting me with Windows Ink or other Photoshop settings. It took ten minutes to setup a relay stream from my macbook which has a much better tablet setup, but it made it more comfortable for sketching.

After running through some ideas, with my twitch viewers throwing in great comments, I steered very quickly into the egg in a bowl on a car. Actually I have wanted to make this very game for years, as it can be a good training tool for driving smoothly at the limit. I continued brainstorming for a bit longer, but this was the idea that pulled the hardest.

45 minutes after the theme announcement I had committed to the idea and created a list of tasks required for the game. Being near bedtime I chose to work on modeling assets for the game. This is one of the first jams I have ever started with art before programming. Doing so can be somewhat risky, especially  if ideas or concepts are subject to change. I knew the basic objects; car, bowl, egg and some track segments would not be a waste of time.

It took one hour to get all the assets created, using Imphenzia’s method to make the cars was very quick and easy; though I can’t do them in 10 minutes. Yet! Perhaps my blender practicing is starting to pay off as this process went super smoothly. With some art created I jumped into Unity. At that point I had used Unity for less than 15 hours, and this would be my first jam in it. Upon importing the assets I noticed issues with the lighting and coloring. I went back and forth between Blender and Unity trying to find the issue, tried exporting to fbx manually, nothing fixed it. Though I didn’t figure it out until the middle of the next day, it turned out that my 4×16 color palette was being compressed and lost color information. Read the rest of this entry »

November 2019 Review

December 1, 2019


  • Total income: $130.38 without personal investments
  • Total income: $3355.74 with personal investments
  • Total expenses: $0.00
  • Total hours: 191.75

At the start of November I decided that supporting the community a bit more would be a great addition with a Discord bot and other improvements to my streaming setup and the overlay visuals for the stream. This turned out to be Read the rest of this entry »

October 2019 Review

November 3, 2019

  • Total income: $335.12 without personal investments
  • Total income: $3466.44 with personal investments
  • Total expenses: $0.00
  • Total hours: 106

Read the rest of this entry »