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May 22, 2017

Hello Turtles,

This blog post is a week delayed, and I apologize for that. Essentially during the week was spent being ordered by Monky Bird and Sara Cat to revamp the old networking code I’ve had laying around since 2009 and before, and bring it up to TurtleBrains standards, or at least start Read the rest of this entry »

Automated Build System Progress

November 2, 2016


I’ve been building up to this for years, and still have some cogs to put into place, but I’ve finally got a major part working; the master script. The master script is something I started about 6 months ago now, wow, and ran into some issues. First I needed it to recursively search directories and run a set of scripts that would be part of the auto build process. These scripts have been Read the rest of this entry »

Converting TurtleBrains to OpenGL 3.2 Core

May 21, 2015

(Figure 1. OpenGL 3.2 Core Shader Tutorial)

TurtleBrains development began with OpenGL as it should help allow TurtleBrains to remain fairly platform independent, at least across personal computers; Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, the first batch of target platforms. At the time I did not realize I was using Read the rest of this entry »

Template Project

May 17, 2015


During the last few weeks I’ve been working on a template project to kick off a new project quickly and efficiently.  After it took 17 minutes to get the project to blank screen for my first OneHourGameJame entry, it was time to improve the pipeline of starting a fresh project.  The adventure started by Read the rest of this entry »

Development Equipment

April 28, 2015


Don’t skimp when it comes to buying a good setup to use for development, especially if you spend most of your time developing.  A few years back I was lucky enough to work for a company that provided better than needed equipment.  I had been using a small keyboard with flat keys that came standard with the Mac machine, and made a comment about missing the Read the rest of this entry »