Alakajam 10: Post Mortem of Ship It!

September 29, 2020

In the middle of September, game developers all over the world put their lives on hold to build a game in 48 hours during the 10th Alakajam. I was among the many and aimed to test out the custom physics engine that I barely started a few weeks before the jam. It was going to be rough. It was going to throw punches. I was going to get beaten by my own creation! My game development journey is streamed live on twitch, and I was going to bring my best.

Friday Evening:

Other game developers have already been developing their projects for a few hours while I was still work-working away. I did have the chance to mull over theme ideas, but having played a lot of Fall Guys recently I figured an obstacle course “running” game would be a great test for the physics engine. The theme was not a single but choose one or more of three themes; Maps, Chaos and/or Ships. So my idea was simple; an obstacle course on the docks where the player boards a ship. Read the rest of this entry »