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June 7, 2017

Hello Turtles,

Sara cat and Monky bird changed gears from the normal programming on TurtleBrains stuff into starting to move forward on ZoomCarWorld3. Initially some basic art practice in blender working on a small homemade go-kart before deciding the ZCW3 would start out as Read the rest of this entry »

October Back-and-Forth

October 29, 2016


First, I’ve abandoned the blog for a while and I shall apologize for anyone who actually reads my entries, perhaps only to my future self. An avid reader would know I did #Artember but I don’t think I ever mentioned taking part in Read the rest of this entry »

Spline Editor For Fencing

September 18, 2016

Fence Editing
Racetracks have a lot of fencing, and placing each section of fencing section by section would be a daunting task, so I spent the last few hobby development sessions creating a way to edit a spline that could be attached to an object to place the fence. Last year I had my first experience with bezier curves when I  Read the rest of this entry »

September is Artember

September 9, 2016


It was decided, at the end of August, that I would be attempting to make or practice a bit of art each day during September. Hopefully I can make it last a bit longer, but if I can complete some art each day I will have achieved my goal for the year. Art is hard. Read the rest of this entry »

ZoomCarWorld3 Renderer Updates

September 22, 2015


Ever since I ‘upgraded’ TurtleBrains to use the OpenGL 3.2 Core context, ZoomCarWorld3 has not been rendering. For awhile it would actually throw errors and crash, until all the legacy OpenGL causing those errors was disabled. Last weekend the mission was to Read the rest of this entry »

Start your engines!

May 10, 2015


Not quite started, but tonight work began on Zoom Car World 3, the demo and learning project I will be using as a stepping stone to write a full blown racing simulator.  For years this project has been placed on the sidelines, but with the current goal to work towards it for an hour a day every day, I am confident things will keep moving.

Current progress was getting back into the old ZCW3 project that was started last summer just before Sonia and I went off to Peru to hike the Salkantay-Inca trail.  The project has some form of very basic track editor in the works, although ultimately a lot more work is still needed.  Currently the efforts are being focused on giving the car an engine that is simulated, at least on a basic level, physically.

This means taking several things in consideration, the inertia of the engine.  All those rotating parts resist changes to the rotation.  If they are not yet rotating, they will fight to remain stationary, and if they are rotating they will fight the urge to slow or speed up.  A torque will be applied to the engine to increase, or decrease if needed, the speed of these rotations.  However I must have some units wrong or have yet to combine all the parts in the code correctly.

angularAcceleration = outputTorque / engineInertia;
angularVelocity = angularVelocity + angularAcceleration * deltaTime;
engineSpeedRPM = angularVelocity / tbMath::kTwoPi * 60.0f;

That is essentially what I believe I need to do.  angularVelocity should be in radians a second from everything I understand, and outputTorque and engineInertia in Newton-meters (Nm).  This would make engineSpeedRPM, in revolutions-per-minute to be 60 times angularVelocity over a full rotation (two-pi).  This does make sense to my brain, however the results, rate at which the engine speed increases / decreases is not quite what I was expected with no clutch or drive train.  It takes a good 3 seconds to go from 1000rpm to 8000rpm and I would be expecting this to be like a second.  Will continue tweaking, so stay tuned for updates.