November 2019 Review


  • Total income: $130.38 without personal investments
  • Total income: $3355.74 with personal investments
  • Total expenses: $0.00
  • Total hours: 191.75
At the start of November I decided that supporting the community a bit more would be a great addition with a Discord bot and other improvements to my streaming setup and the overlay visuals for the stream. This turned out to be an extremely long project that went well over budgeted time. I ran into problems left and right with C++ dependencies, machine woes, and more. Another project started was skill building of marketing skills. I put effort into writing articles and posting on reddit, and as of recently which seems to be doing well. The objective was to grow the stream and according to data, the number of followers were above average for most of the weeks in November. A viewer of the stream also mentioned digging into OKR, Objectives and Key Results which I found quite interesting and plan to continue using along with SMART goals for staying on track with my indie adventure. Basically the objective describes the intention behind the goal, and key results are things that are measurable results to determine success. The key results are typically not capable of being performed with direct effort. For a more detailed breakdown of finances, support Tim Beaudet on Patreon

What was Learned

Persistence Will Win

The discord bot nearly killed me and I almost quit the project early on. I actually almost never even started, knowing the effort would be high. But I persisted through all the issue, and there were countless issues. But sticking with it, and getting significant help from viewers, they were all solved in the end.

Marketing Takes Effort

Well, duh! But in putting effort into the marketing did give me small lessons like adding reasons why to the publisher denied my game post would have added more value to the intended audience – and reach the objective I set out for.

Objective and Key Results

Adding this tool to the kit sounds like a good for tracking progress on long term goals that should allow pivoting to actually remain on track. The idea being perhaps SMART goals might get one stuck into a “must complete” even if it stops helping the overall goal.

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