RacerX Continues

(Historic Post: April 3rd 2007)

Still working on the RacerX project.  It is coming out decent, I have the level editor up to the point of changing tiles, saving, and loading files.  I have been working on the car a little bit and even the design document for the game to give it a direction as I may have a few friends join me in the coding in about a week or so, still undecided.  Also I am undecided whether I should make the project network-able or not, and I realize that this should be planned as early as possible.  I hope to have the car moving within a week, and then it will be time to work on the track some more so that some Artificial Intelligent drivers can race around the track.  Competition!  Yay, isn’t that the whole point of a small combat/racing game in the end?  I will post an update and possibly a download-able version of the game when I get the AI cars moving and the player car running as well.  (No that doesn’t qualify as a complete project either).  Please note: I am a
programmer, not an artist.  If any artist people are reading this, please don’t hesitate to offer help on the project if you want to.

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