RacerX Connections

(Historic Post: August 25th 2008)

Over the weekend some extensive testing was done on the network and the next step towards multi-player game was to create the connection list and move some of the connection things to a different place.  The current goals for the week is to get an entry into the multiplayer race state where people can move their cars around.  This will not include any type of collision, but should include the ability for the host to supply all the clients with the track so that custom track sharing is supported from the start of this process.  Once all the clients have the track the game should start the race, possibly getting the 3… 2… 1… countdown to start displaying correctly.  Also once that is done it will be required to balance the faked physics temporarily, this will be done by slowing down the current acceleration rates and turning rates and also making the generator slower and the engine turbo use more power from the battery.  This needs to be tweaked to make it actually fun to go around the track although the current physics will be rewritten in time since there is no collisions, and it is totally 100% faked…  The car is in space, although there is friction with the ground….

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