Choosing A License

One of the most difficult decisions that keeps sliding back on the TurtleBrains todo list is picking a license.  It has been said that I’m being unrealistic, so perhaps I want too much, for wanting to get nominal proceeds back from my efforts.  I’ve been on quite a bit and the two that stand out are MIT and GPLv3 for slightly different reasons.

MIT seems to be less restrictive to those that want to use TurtleBrains, they are not forced to disclose their code, and perhaps more programmers would give TurtleBrains a try.  But it also falls down in that programmers could ignore any closed/purchasable license that may allow me to retrieve any financial benefit, even minimally.

GPLv3 seems restrictive and possibly scares many from using TurtleBrains to begin with, and if nobody uses it why would anyone want to purchase the closed license?

Ultimately I’d like to see $25-50 for a project that plans to have an install base greater than 1000 users, and/or projects that are selling while using TurtleBrains.  I want this to be a minimal amount of money more like saying “thanks for giving my project a boost” and aimed at projects that have or are planning to make monies.

Which is why GPLv3 with a purchasable closed license has been on my mind, until someone was mentioning few would considering using TurtleBrains at that point.

Any opinions? Advice? Help!? It is appreciated.

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