September is Artember


It was decided, at the end of August, that I would be attempting to make or practice a bit of art each day during September. Hopefully I can make it last a bit longer, but if I can complete some art each day I will have achieved my goal for the year. Art is hard.

The first day of September I attempted a food truck vendor, and I quickly threw a model together and attempted to texture it. That was an eye opening learning experience and I decided to take a step back and work on things that are slightly less complicated. The following day I made a very basic plane that got textured and called it a tv screen.

Of course nothing actually happened on this screen until the following day where I implemented RenderTargets in the TurtleBrains game development framework, which was coding a visual feature but still loosely fits the definition of art that I set out for. The next two days life got in the way a bit, although one of them I did add a mesh to support the tv screen.


Yesterday I quickly tossed together a bit of chain-link fence, with the hopes to make it follow a spline and be edited in game. During a walk I had also taken a picture of a tree and decided to very quickly make a crossed-plane tree. The image was okay but I learned that the tree has to be really straight for the technique to work, (it would also take a bit more coding effort to properly sort transparent objects back to front).

Tonight I wanted to return to something a little more complex than a textured plane so I figured starting with a truck trailer would be a good start, after all it is practically a glorified box. The UV unwrap process is still black magic that I’ve yet to even start to understand. I kept at it and eventually got the trailer in a reasonable state actually. Definitely has room for improvement, but good for practice.

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