Actionable Input!

class InputAction
  bool IsDown(void) const;
  bool IsPressed(void) const;
  bool IsReleased(void) const;

  void ClearBindings(void);
  void AddBinding(const tbApplication::Key& keyBinding);
  void RemoveBinding(const tbApplication::Key& keyBinding);

  KeyContainer mKeyBindings;

Just before LudumDare 36 I added a new way to handle input to TurtleBrains framework, it is quite simple but so far I really enjoy the way it is used. It is just a powerful little object that can check the input manager for each of the bound keys allowing an action to bound to:

  • Any key (supported by framework)
  • Multiple keys at once!
  • No keys at all!

The second one is quite interesting, consider implementing a splash or title screen with multiple ways to continue into game. Without the input action, it required multiple checks, and more lengthy code.

  //Old way of performing input check
  if (true == Input::IsPressed(KeyEscape) ||
      true == Input::IsPressed(KeySpace) ||
      true == Input::IsPressed(KeyEnter))
  //Goto gameplay scene.

  //New way with InputAction:
  if (true == mSkipForward.IsPressed())
    //Goto gameplay scene.

Of course to a slight degree this is just moving the code from the update area to initialization:


But considering it could allow use WASD and arrows keys for movement, or, with a binding screen the user could configure controls to their own liking. This is the first pass I make over such a system and so far I’ve enjoyed the usage better than the previous methods.

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