December 2018 Review

  • Total income: $61.07 without personal investments
  • Total income: $3,466.36 with personal investments
  • Total expenses: $500.03
  • Total hours: 233.25

Hours this month were off the charts high due to pushing very hard most morning and evenings before/after work-work. The Christmas break from work also helped, drastically, increase the hours.

More details of the income/expense and hours can be found by supporting Tim Beaudet on Patreon.

The focus in December started on the Indie Career Tracker I use for tracking my Indie Adventure. There were also a few improvements to the stream helper bot/overlay to give viewers recognition when they follow, subscriber or raid. This was left slightly unfinished as Rally of Rockets took high-priority.

Rally of Rockets is my second indie project and took priority as I had set a goal to give the community some surprises for a Christmas party; this included the actual rocket and rider, new track area, new physics, new title screen, audio and more.

In the final days of the month focus shifted back to the Indie Career Tracker for final edits and release, and a slight look into the new year approaching.

What was learned

Deadlines can be good

Having the Christmas party to shoot for was generally a really good thing to get a lot of visible things complete. It does need to be used with caution because it did create a mess that will be getting cleaned up through-out January and February, and it did create some time pressure / stress.

As a side note, the Christmas party playtest gathering was great at over 20 players for over an hour. (Where 6-8 players for 30-45 minutes is more typical).

Playtest can be positive

Most of the playtests since early summer often left me imprinted with an overwhelming feeling of things remaining. While those things still remain, the Christmas party playtest went exceedingly well and was super positive.

Do not hire the first applicant

Pulled a bit of a noob mistake by posting an audio job on Discord and after about a day of no response I got someone, and discussed details with them and gave green-light. Almost immediately more applicants responded. The first applicant and I had some difficulties with communicating what was desired, scheduling etc, and I had to restart my search having lost time.

Support Tim Beaudet on Patreon for a more detailed breakdown of the income/expense and hours.

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