October Back-and-Forth


First, I’ve abandoned the blog for a while and I shall apologize for anyone who actually reads my entries, perhaps only to my future self. An avid reader would know I did #Artember but I don’t think I ever mentioned taking part in LudumDare’s October Challenge this year. I had hoped to bring ZoomCarWorld3 to market with a minimum viable product (playable). Today, October 29th, I’ve tossed in the towel as the task list is still long and time running short. I won’t be able to make a product I’d be happy charging for (even if it is just asking for donations).

I’ve had loads on my mind, like posting things learned, or the Smoky Mountain Hiking Trip, and growing TurtleBrains task list with upcoming LDJAM, I think this direction change will be a good thing. Although I failed to bring a product to market, it was still a fairly successful experience, though humbling. Oodles of back and forth progress, but progess.

I won’t be abandoning ZoomCarWorld3 though. Instead I’m going to regather my thoughts, dig into what happened, what I learned, the last two months and refocus for future efforts. Next October is my deadline.

I have an expectation of myself to have a product next year that I am happy to charge for. Not ask for donations but to actually request a small amount of money for the experience of my game. This will not be an easy task. I cannot push things until next October and will need constant effort to get there. So here is to that expectation of myself. Without meeting this goal[1], I may need to seriously consider if making a living off creating a racing simulation is something worth pursuing further.

With any luck several blog posts should follow, probably in fairly rapid succession. I actually accomplished a lot during the last two months and also learned or practiced a fair amount.

[1] Within reason depending on what life throws my way.

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