Spline Editor For Fencing

September 18, 2016

Fence Editing
Racetracks have a lot of fencing, and placing each section of fencing section by section would be a daunting task, so I spent the last few hobby development sessions creating a way to edit a spline that could be attached to an object to place the fence. Last year I had my first experience with bezier curves when I  Read the rest of this entry »

Midway Point of 2016

June 25, 2016

June is wrapping up, meaning that the year is almost half over, or half the year is yet to come. Looking back at my goals for this year I’m on target for some, haven’t started others and in danger of completely failing some. As written at the start of the year my goals for the year were:

  • Keep at $2000mo for student loan payments. (on track to surpass)
  • Read at least 6 books, cover to cover. (have read 3 books, started 2 larger text books)
  • Write a blog post at least once every two weeks, weekly preferred. (clearly failed at writing in this blog)
  • Go camping/hiking and practice bushcraft / survival skills at least 6 times. (at least 6 nights spent outside already)
  • Participate in at least 2 full racing seasons in iRacing. (one full season complete)
  • Complete 7 of 12 OneGameAMonth games. (failed to submit a single entry, but LD35 would count as 1)
  • Catch up TurtleBrains documentation, and create a sample game project. (still need to create sample and documentation)
  • Get three developers to try TurtleBrains and collect feedback. (still need to create sample and documentation)
  • Earn at least $1 from hobby/personal game development efforts. (made no real effort yet towards this)
  • Do art everyday for at least 30 consecutive days. (made no real effort yet towards this)

Being halfway through the year, a few of these are complete wipes. I haven’t had nearly as much time for hobby/personal development as I had last year. So TurtleBrains has suffered as have the 1GAM projects. I would like to get at least a single developer to try the framework but it really does need high level documentation first. It looks like this won’t be the year I make money from my personal development efforts either, although I won’t give up just yet. I nearly finished a second season in iRacing but life got busy and took time away for several weeks, I may just let that one lay where it is, or I may race in season 2016S4.

I haven’t done much art at all, and honestly I really should give that a solid attempt. I may change it a little bit though, to include graphics programming. This could be shaders, animation, shadows or other engine technologies that could help ZoomCarWorld3 come to life. This might be stretching the definition of “art” a little, but I think it works to my larger goal of creating a racing simulator. As such I am also modifying the 1GAM projects to be either a smaller sized game project (24 hours or so in size/scope), or a technical demo/simulation much like my Double-Wishbone Suspension Simulation that I am still working on simulating.

The  TurtleBrains goals may be a wash for the year as my primary focus is moving forward on my racing simulator with the first basic playable of ZoomCarWorld3 hopefully being semi-playable this year.

ZoomCarWorld3 Renderer Updates

September 22, 2015


Ever since I ‘upgraded’ TurtleBrains to use the OpenGL 3.2 Core context, ZoomCarWorld3 has not been rendering. For awhile it would actually throw errors and crash, until all the legacy OpenGL causing those errors was disabled. Last weekend the mission was to Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing A License

September 4, 2015

One of the most difficult decisions that keeps sliding back on the TurtleBrains todo list is picking a license.  It has been said that I’m being unrealistic, so perhaps I want too much, for wanting to get nominal proceeds back from my efforts.  I’ve been on http://choosealicense.com/ quite a bit and the two that stand out are MIT and GPLv3 for slightly different reasons.

MIT seems to be less restrictive to those that want to use TurtleBrains, they are not forced to disclose their code, and perhaps more programmers would give TurtleBrains a try.  But it also falls down in that programmers could ignore any closed/purchasable license that may allow me to retrieve any financial benefit, even minimally.

GPLv3 seems restrictive and possibly scares many from using TurtleBrains to begin with, and if nobody uses it why would anyone want to purchase the closed license?

Ultimately I’d like to see $25-50 for a project that plans to have an install base greater than 1000 users, and/or projects that are selling while using TurtleBrains.  I want this to be a minimal amount of money more like saying “thanks for giving my project a boost” and aimed at projects that have or are planning to make monies.

Which is why GPLv3 with a purchasable closed license has been on my mind, until someone was mentioning few would considering using TurtleBrains at that point.

Any opinions? Advice? Help!? It is appreciated.

Converting TurtleBrains to OpenGL 3.2 Core

May 21, 2015

(Figure 1. OpenGL 3.2 Core Shader Tutorial)

TurtleBrains development began with OpenGL as it should help allow TurtleBrains to remain fairly platform independent, at least across personal computers; Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, the first batch of target platforms. At the time I did not realize I was using Read the rest of this entry »

Template Project

May 17, 2015


During the last few weeks I’ve been working on a template project to kick off a new project quickly and efficiently.  After it took 17 minutes to get the project to blank screen for my first OneHourGameJame entry, it was time to improve the pipeline of starting a fresh project.  The adventure started by Read the rest of this entry »

Start your engines!

May 10, 2015


Not quite started, but tonight work began on Zoom Car World 3, the demo and learning project I will be using as a stepping stone to write a full blown racing simulator.  For years this project has been placed on the sidelines, but with the current goal to work towards it for an hour a day every day, I am confident things will keep moving.

Current progress was getting back into the old ZCW3 project that was started last summer just before Sonia and I went off to Peru to hike the Salkantay-Inca trail.  The project has some form of very basic track editor in the works, although ultimately a lot more work is still needed.  Currently the efforts are being focused on giving the car an engine that is simulated, at least on a basic level, physically.

This means taking several things in consideration, the inertia of the engine.  All those rotating parts resist changes to the rotation.  If they are not yet rotating, they will fight to remain stationary, and if they are rotating they will fight the urge to slow or speed up.  A torque will be applied to the engine to increase, or decrease if needed, the speed of these rotations.  However I must have some units wrong or have yet to combine all the parts in the code correctly.

angularAcceleration = outputTorque / engineInertia;
angularVelocity = angularVelocity + angularAcceleration * deltaTime;
engineSpeedRPM = angularVelocity / tbMath::kTwoPi * 60.0f;

That is essentially what I believe I need to do.  angularVelocity should be in radians a second from everything I understand, and outputTorque and engineInertia in Newton-meters (Nm).  This would make engineSpeedRPM, in revolutions-per-minute to be 60 times angularVelocity over a full rotation (two-pi).  This does make sense to my brain, however the results, rate at which the engine speed increases / decreases is not quite what I was expected with no clutch or drive train.  It takes a good 3 seconds to go from 1000rpm to 8000rpm and I would be expecting this to be like a second.  Will continue tweaking, so stay tuned for updates.

Development Equipment

April 28, 2015


Don’t skimp when it comes to buying a good setup to use for development, especially if you spend most of your time developing.  A few years back I was lucky enough to work for a company that provided better than needed equipment.  I had been using a small keyboard with flat keys that came standard with the Mac machine, and made a comment about missing the Read the rest of this entry »

Portal Miner Post Mortem

April 22, 2015

Play Portal Miner:

Going into LudumDare 32 a team formed, my girlfriend, Dizzy, wanted to help with art using InkScape as she had done during LD27 in our Feeding Time game.  Mmango had also been interested in doing the audio, sound and music, and I would take point to keep the team together and do the programming.  This would be the first event where I would

Read the rest of this entry »

The Big Picture

April 12, 2015


Looking around here it isn’t hard to see that I have a passion for programming.  One may even be able to gather that I am also interested in racing.  For years I have been wanting to develop my own racing simulator, much like Live For Speed or iRacing, and have started to Read the rest of this entry »